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Humor files for category 'Computers'
The Amazing Windows 4.0
Apollo Mission Software
Ascii Macarena
Bad-ass kangaroos
Bill Gates = the Devil???
Bill Gates to Take Control of Java
Borg vs Windows
C Code Run
Compilation of every "warning" email
Computer source code for DNA
Edgar Allen Poe meets the IBM Clone - soon to be a major motion picture.
Etch-A-Sketch Tech Support
Fire at the soabox derby
Gates' mail to Linux developer
Geek speak
Girlfriend 1.0
God's battle with a computer
The GOODTIMES virus mutates
Grandpa in 2060
H.A.L. isn't IBM compatible
Haiku error messages
How different professions would hunt elephants
How Software Companies Die -by Orson Scott Card
How the Grinch stole our vision of perfect objects
How to Hire a Programmer
How To Install Software
How to interpret software development status
How to start your own Silicon Valley firm
Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis
I did it for you all
If architects had to work like computer systems designers
If computer companies made toasters
If HAL had a Pentium chip
If Microsoft was headquartered in Georgia
If Operating Systems were Airlines
Java haiku
Justice Department to Break Up Bill Gates
Last Person without Windows 95
Leap Year Internet Shutdown
Letter to 'Rich Bastards' at a bank
The major angsts of software testing
Microsoft (MSFT) Announces New CD_ROM Software to Aid Consumers In Suing Itself
Microsoft = "The Matrix"?
Microsoft bathroom graffiti
Microsoft buys 1995
Microsoft Releases 'Joe-Bob'(tm)
Microsoft Tests Nuclear Device At Secret Hanford Facility
Microsoft trademarks the name 'Bob'
Microsoft's 12 steps to burnout prevention and recovery
Millennium Pie
Mouse balls
Nerdity Test
Newest risk to computer programmers
Not So Common C Declarations
OJ's internet address
The original virus
Pentium bug jokes
Politically Correct UNIX commands
Proper care of floppies
Quotes on Computers
Recently discovered computer viruses
Reflections on Programming
Resume for God
Rules for being successful in software development
Santa Claus is coming to Unix
Shoot yourself in the foot with computer operating systems
Shoot yourself in the foot with various programming languages
Similarities between Santa Claus and system administrators
The Software Schism
Some interesting year-end statistics from "Computerworld" magazine
Some Unusual Questions For Internet World Attendees
Sonnet for Nothing
Source code for 'Hello World'?
The Star Fleet Programmer's Style Guide
The Story About Ping
Swearing at the Computer
System problem report
The Ten Commandments of Java
The Thing King
Things you learn about computers in the movies
Top 10 reasons computers are male, compilers are female
Top 10 Signs the New Mir Computer is Running Windows 95
Top 10 similarities between baby Gates and her father's products
The Top 14 ways things would be different if Microsoft built cars.
Top5 Bugs in Windows 2000
Trapped in the Net: A poem
True life support calls
The Twelve Bugs of Christmas
Two Digits for a Date
Undocumented Windows Errors
Unix and C Language Hoax
A unix poem
Unix shell tricks
The Upside of Y2K
Vax vs IBM
Ways to scare people in the computer room/lab
What Developers say vs what they mean
What If Dr. Seuss Did Technical Writing?
What if the GM help phone line were like a computer help phone line?
What's the command?
When men were boys and boys were stupid
When you think you're having a bad day, remember this poor guy
Who Created Chaos
Why Email Is Like a Penis
Win 95 Book of Revelations
Y Zero K problem
Y2K Readiness
You Are Rich, Brother William
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