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Microsoft bathroom graffiti

Actual graffiti in the Microsoft bathroom

   1. Bill Gates Downloads Here

   2. Do Not Flush Mouse Pads Down The Toilet

   3. To Flush, Press Handle. You Do Not Need To Hold Control, Alt, And
      Delete At The Same Time.

   4. For a good time, e-mail SUZIE@ohmygod/Im/about/tohave/

   5. Why can't Bill Gates get a date? Because he is MICROSOFT

   6. MICROSOFT: Where Do You Want To Go Today? ... in the crapper!

   7. Microsoft Speelchecker Rules!

   8. Your mother is so fat, it takes 25 minutes to download a naked
      picture of her.

       10: Enter
       20: Lower Pants
       30: Try Real Hard
       40: If Nothing, Then goto 30
       50: If something, Them goto 60
       60: Wipe Butt
       70: Exit

  10. Ray has a 3 1/2 inch floppy! -Carl
       Carl still plays with his Wang! -Ray
       Yeah, well you both still program in DOS -Fred
       Byte Me! -Ray & Carl

  11. IBM we all BM
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