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Grandpa in 2060

As heard on the "Rewind" show on NPR on KUOW radio in Seattle on 
February 4, 2000:


We take you know to the year 2060...

[Rocking chair creaks back and forth]

KID #1:  Grandpa, grandpa!  I opened a lemonade stand and look, I already
made a dollar!

GRANDPA:  Yah, what do you kids know about money?  Why back in my day, you
started a lemonade stand, you put up a web site, you took it public, and
you made $8 million before you were 10 years old!

KID #2:  Grandpa, look!  I found a quarter on the sidewalk.  Can I keep it?

GRANDPA:  Oh, a *whole* quarter...  In my day you'd find a quarter at noon
and by the end of the day it was worth $3 billion dollars!  And there was
more where that came from, too.  Why, hell, we'd walk into a meeting with
a cheesy PowerPoint presentation, do a little song and dance for the
venture capital boys, and walk out of there fully funded!  Then we'd run
that company for a couple months, take it public, become a billionaire,
AGAIN, and then we'd do it all over again two weeks later with another
stupid idea we slapped together over a cappuccino and a scone!  Ha, ha!

KID #1:  Dad, what's wrong with Grandpa?

KID #2:  Yeah, how come he's always so grouchy?

DAD:  Well kids, you've got to remember that Grandpa grew up during
The Expansion.  He'll never forget that.  A dollar means something very
different to him than it does to you and me.  

GRANDPA:  Damn right!  It doesn't mean a damn thing.  

DAD:  Just humor him, he's old.

KID #1:  Ok.

KID #2:  We'll try.

KID #1:  Grandpa?  You can have my shiny new penny.

GRANDPA:  Don't insult me.  You young punks think you've got it so easy.
You don't know easy!  Why in my day we used to have to stand on the
streets and beg passing strangers! "Please sir, come up with a dot-com
idea.  I'll fund that sucker on the spot!  Come on, I've got a million
dollars stuffed in my shorts!  Retail, business-to-business, I don't care.
Bring it on!"

[Fades out]

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