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Gates' mail to Linux developer

Dear Linux Developer,

As the new millenium approaches, I want to make a special effort to reach
out to folks who develop for and support non-Microsoft platforms.

Contrary to popular belief, we at Microsoft do not wish to crush competing
platforms. We support many diverse computing platforms -- Windows 98,
Windows NT, and Windows CE, to name a few.

We appreciate the contributions of folks like you, and want to bring you
into the Microsoft fold. So much so, in fact, that we are prepared to
extend a special offer:

Make the switch from Linux to Windows by February 28, and nobody gets hurt.

That's right. You and your family will not be harmed. But this offer won't
last long. So make the switch today.

"But wait," you may be thinking. "That sounds like a threat."

Not at all -- it's an "offer". And I didn't actually say that if you don't
switch, you and your family definitely will be hurt*. However, if you choose
to make that inference, I can't stop you. After all, Microsoft may be many
things, but we can't control your mind. Yet.

Let's build the future together. A future with a computer on every desktop,
in every home, in every vehicle and on every person, running Microsoft
software and only Microsoft software. A future with Windows encoded into
the genetic material of every living thing.

Join us and become part of the Microsoft family. Now.

Bill Gates

Microsoft: If you know what's good for you.

* Void where prohibited by law.

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