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Humor files for category 'Workplace'
The AC new hire song
Airline Terminology
Alchohol at work
Algebraic Socioeconomics
Astrological signs for the workplace
Avoid Foul Language! - enrich your diction with these tips
Charge numbers for miscellaneous unproductive time
A cog in the corporate machine
Consultant's dilemma
Corporate Boat Race
Corporate cliches
Critical look at Schubert's Unfinished Symphony
Diversity Training Class
Email RE: Office xmas party
Exercise for the nonathletic
Fast food application
FBI agents at a psychiatric hospital
Felix the flying frog: A management parable
Genesis: In the beginning the Project Manager...
God's Total Quality Management Questionnaire
Goodbye luncheon memo
Guide to safe fax
How different professions would hunt elephants
How Software Companies Die -by Orson Scott Card
How to cope with job stress
How to interpret software development status
In the beginning was the Plan
Job hunting language
Lessons for corporate life
A letter of recommendation
Life in prison vs. a full time job - A comparison
Management Review of Writing Style
Management speak
Management styles
Managerium: The heaviest element known to science
Merger mania
Notice notice
An office prayer
Recommendations for People with Dubious Qualifications
Recruiting letter and response
Resume bloopers
Resume for God
Retire Aged Personnel Early (RAPE) program
Rules for being successful in software development
Rules for Work
Special High Intensity Training
Spot the typo
Story about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody
Stress relief method
Team leadership
Telecom job
Things to say if caught sleeping at work
Things you'd love to say at work, but can't!
A United Airlines passenger
The Upside of Y2K
Year 2000 Memo Announcement
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