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Humor files for category 'Language'
Actual Church Bulletins
Actual excuse notes from parents
Actual Headlines
Allegedly Genuine Extracts from Letters Sent to Landlord
Avoid Foul Language! - enrich your diction with these tips
Business slogans translated into other languages
Dictionary of Useful Research Phrases
Downsizing English
Funny signs
Geek speak
Glossary for research papers
How to interpret software development status
Job hunting language
Matsushita English
Men's Guide to Women's Language
Not a morning person
Not So Common C Declarations
A plan for the improvement of English spelling
Poorly Translated Slogans
Poorly worded classified ads
Post-merger names
Problems with Bob Dole's name in the foreign press
Public assistance letters
Questions about the English language
The quirks of English
Recommendations for People with Dubious Qualifications
Signs as Seen in Foreign Countries
Some amazing anagrams
Student science bloopers
Stupid signs
Style invitational
Top 20 Engineers' Terminologies
Watch your English
William Safire's Rules for Writers
Winners of a worst analogies contest
A Womans guide to Men's language
The World According to Student Bloopers
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