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Humor files for category 'Politics'
The "Not Raising Hogs" business
'Twas the Newt Before Christmas
Al Gore to Fly on Shuttle
The Bill of No Rights
The Clinton Body Count
Clinton deploys vowels to Bosnia
Clinton's testimony, as told by Dr Suess
Cow metaphors for government
Dan Quayle Quotes
Drunk driving on the Information Highway
Election Form for the contestants of the 1996 Indian General Elections
England's response to the Declaration of Independenc
A frustrated tax payer writes the IRS
Getting even with the IRS
God vs. The Government
Home economics, or Politics make strange bedfellows
House to Downsize Solar System
How the Gingrinch Stole Christmas
How the Gingrinch Stole Congress
Jay Leno: Erie Similarities Between Abraham Lincoln and Bob Packwood
Letter from the Bill Clinton Statue Committee
Mail scam alert
Modern-day cherry tree
The national address President Clinton should have given
Problems with Bob Dole's name in the foreign press
Republican PBS
Similarities between Rush L. & Barney
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