Interior house painting

Heather's mom arrived last week for a two week visit.  They've both been busy painting the interior.  Much of it was plain white, and the one room that wasn't, the family room off the kitchen, had wall paper that was starting to lift/peel a bit.

The pic below shows the living room with the wall paper removed and then painted chocolate brown.  Heather and her mom did the 4 paintings over the couch to match.  My earlier post "Interior House Pics" showed the family room.

The next pic shows the living room, just as you come in the front door to the right.  These walls were all white before.  Now the far wall is a medium sage green, and the other wall is khaki.

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  1. The new wall colors bring out the rich wood tones of the floor and make the art work on the walls really pop. Nice.

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