Interior house pics

I've finally gotten around to taking a few pics of the inside of our new house.  Heather has done a great job setting everything up.

First you might want to check out an aerial view (you can rotate this view).

The pic below looks into our family room from the kitchen.  Right now the TV is in front of (hiding) the brass fireplace.  We'll eventually mount it above the mantle, and paint the brass with black paint.

Family Room

The next pic looks from the family room back into the kitchen (my back is to the fireplace).

Towards kitchen

Next, if you go out the sliding glass door from the kitchen (on the left in the pic above) onto the deck, this is the view just after sunset (looking southwest):

Finally, a pic of my office.  I still haven't fully unpacked.  The entrance to the office just behind this pic, on the left.  There's also a full wall of bookcases behind me.  This is on the main floor, and the window looks out towards the street.

My Office

I'll take more pics later, so stay tuned.

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