Nasty Chinese Restaurant

While driving through Port Angeles on our Olympic loop day-trip, we did a double-take as we passed this restaurant:


The restaurant's name is actually Dynasty Chinese Restaurant. And it's not just this one angle. There were so many signs along this street, that many of views were equally nasty.

We are not the first to notice the unfortunate street signs in front of this restaurant. Robert Lee, hantonmckenzie, Richard Friedman, and Greefus Groink all have similar pictures.

2 Replies to “Nasty Chinese Restaurant”

  1. By now I was hoping that the owners would just give in to whim and drop the Dy altogether. Certainly "Nasty Chinese Restaurant" would become a real tourist attraction for Port Angeles!

    Might even make the news.

    Then they really wouldn't have to make excuses for the food anymore.

    Cheers, and thanks for digging up my photo.

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