Killed by his own golf club

Crazy, but true:

In 1994, 16-year-old Jeremy Brenno of Gloversville, New York, was killed when he struck a bench with a golf club, and the shaft broke, bounced back at him, and pierced his heart. Brenno had missed a shot on the sixth hole at the Kingsboro Golf Club and looked to vent his frustration by giving the nearby bench a good whack in retaliation. The fatal club was a No. 3 wood. specializes in debunking urban legends, so if they say it's true, then it probably is. The article also talks about 3 other known killed-by-own-club fatalities (in 1951, 2005, and 2005), but they are not quite as dramatic as poor Jeremy.

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  1. This is true- Jeremy was a family friend and a year ahead of me in school. This story is 100% true and incredibly tragic. After that, they established the Jeremy Brenno Scholarship Fund, which was set up for Gloversville High School graduates, in honor of him. Also- all reports of him being a "spoiled rich kid golfer" are not true- the Brenno family is as good-hearted as it gets, and no one in Gloversville, NY is "rich". His father is a teacher at GHS and is a wonderful man. The loss was felt by the entire town- it was horrible.

  2. Poor guy. I have a quick temper as well. I have never played golf before though. It seems pointless to me. I am always sad to hear of the loss of good hearted people, they are rare. Most people today seem to only care about themselves and making money to buy stuff. We all have to start treating each other as family. The hippies had the right idea. Up with love and down with hate. We all have the same hopes and dreams. We are all one.

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