50+ Tricks to Get to a Real Person

To get a live person when calling a support number, I use tricks like pressing zero even if it's not given as a choice, or doing nothing to make the system think that I don't have touch tone phone.

50+ Hacks and Tips to Get to a Real Person at Any Corporation in 10 Seconds or Less has some clever ones I've never thought of before, like:

  • Choose the Spanish option, which often has a shorter wait time, and you'll probably be connected with a bilingual person.
  • Press everything. By pressing multiple numbers, you can trick systems into thinking you're on a rotary phone or that you're crazy. Either way, you're in.

The article also has links to some good resources, like 800-numbers.net and Gethuman.com.

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  1. These are good tips, but the two you chose definitely go hand in hand. If you choose the Spanish option but don't understand any Spanish, you will likely wind up pressing everything for any prompts after the language prompt. (Or, if it is a voice-activated sysyem, speaking nonsense.) Then the system will think you're a Spanish-speaking crazy person.

    Still, I think the list could be more creative. I have found, for instance, that you will be connected to a human quickly on a voice-activated system if you sing. The worse you sing, the quicker you get a human. Also, automated systems hate Lionel Ritchie songs and will give you a human after only a few bars of "All Night Long."

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