DSL/Cable Modem Bandwidth

If you're not sure whether you're getting the full bandwidth you're paying for, try dslreports.com speedtest.This site http://home1.gte.net/awiner/ has good information about Windows 95/98/NT/2000 issues with high-speed internet connections. It also has good links to other resources.

My DSL bandwidth experience

When I first moved from dial-up to DSL I had some odd performance problems. Content from my ISP's own servers (ftp, pop3, mail) was high speed, but content from internet sites was consistently still at dial-up speeds. After no significant progress with tech support, I checked the comp.dcom.xdsl newsgroup and found my problem — I'd used a program called MTUSpeed to tweak some TCP/IP settings to maximize my modem dial-up. Those old settings were screwing up my DSL session. I reset to Win95 defaults, and presto, now I'm getting the full bandwidth.If you're on DSL and you ever messed with things like Max MTU size or TCP receive window, or you've used dial-up optimizing programs (like MTUSpeed), you should undo your changes to get back to the default windows settings.

BTW, if you're still on dial-up or know anyone who is, I do recommend MTUSpeed to get 25% better performance with your current modem..

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