I've migrated to WordPress

You may notice some changes on this blog — I've just moved from Pivot to WordPress for my blog software. I think I've got everything working, but if you see any problems drop me an email.

If you're wondering why I changed platforms, read on…

This is now my third blogging platform. I started with LiveJournal, then moved to Pivot, and now WordPress. I moved from LiveJournal to Pivot so that I could keep everything on netjeff.com. I chose Pivot at the time because it did not depend on a database — it did everything in files. Back then I was leary of running a MySQL database on my netjeff.com site.

Although Pivot is nice, it doesn't have the full features and support of the "mainstream" blogging/CMS platforms. So I decided it was time to upgrade.

I decided on a blogging platform, rather than a full Content Management System (CMS). The big two blogging platforms are Movable Type and Word Press. I decided on Word Press because it is full open source with no restrictions. Movable Type looks nice, but it's only free for "personal use", and I'd rather have the options of free (as in beer) that come with WordPress.

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  1. hi,
    i'm just wondering how did you made migration process. becaise i'm going to migrate from Pivot to WordPress myself and are looking for the best ways to do that.
    drop me a mail, please. ;)

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