Generating electricity from waste heat

Apple is talking to Eneco about using Eneco's solid-state cooling technology.

One interesting side-effect is that Eneco's cooling technology generates electricity. This could be especially appealing in laptops.  Two problems laptops must solve are dissipating waste-heat (cooling) and extending battery life.  Laptops could use Eneco's technology to both cool the laptop, and then use the electricity generated from the cooling to extend the battery life of the laptop.

Update: Slashdot picked up on Eneco's technology.  Two readers point out a similar technology back in 2002 from Cool Chips.  Unfortunately, Cool Chips seems to be stalled.   Hopefully Eneco will make better progress.

Update: ITWeek reports on a meeting where Eneco presented to potential investors.  Scroll two-thirds of the way down to read about some concerns the audience had regarding the commercialization of the technology. The ITWeek article concludes:

The lack of clarity on such fundamental design issues suggests it is likely to be some time before Eneco powered devices emerge. But if these issues can be overcome – and anyone with any experience of energy conversion technologies will tell you it remains a big if – the company does appear to have a truly disruptive technology that could deliver clean, cheap and efficient power to a raft of different industries.

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