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Two Good Halloween Costumes

Not quite as good as the one below, but my favorite Halloween costume I saw
this year was a co-worker who took a full size plastic garbage can, cut the
bottom out, then put in some straps so that it would hang on his shoulders.
 The bottom of the can came to his waist so he could walk around ok, and
the top of the can came up to his chin.  He then made a wig of long green
yarn, and wore the garbage can lid.  His costume?  You guessed -- Oscar the
Grouch of Sesame Street fame.  When he walked in the whole party stopped
for a second and he growled out "This party sucks!" and the room burst out
laughing.  Throughout the evening he'd periodically bitch about how bad the
party was and everyone loved it.


In rec.humor.funny, tja(at) (Todd Anderson) wrote:

)After 3 nights of attending Halloween parties and witnessing a wide variety
)of costumes, prizes, contests, etc. this costume, in my estimation, wins
)hands-down in the "celebrity current events" category:
)Riding boots, equestrian hat and riding crop added to a Superman costume...
)In a wheelchair.
)heh heh heh,
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