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Throwing Their Brains Out the Window

) TOKYO - Kashima University has expelled four medical students for
pelting other students with human brains. School officials say the
three men and one woman were dissecting cadavers in the science
laboratory when one of the males removed part of a cerebral cortex
from a corpse's skull and threw it at one of the other medical

 Within minutes a "brain fight" had broken out.

 The students then reportedly opened the windows of the second-floor
lab and began throwing the brains down on unwitting passersby on the
street below. One girl was hit in the face and required treatment at
the university's emergency room.

 School security officers say they're fairly certain that more people
were involved in the brain-throwing but only four were witnessed.

 The expelled students said they didn't plan the brain fight. One of
them said, "It just sort of happened." He blamed the odd behavior on
the pressure of constant study and lack of sleep.

 "We just had to let off some steam," admitted Ayako Hanyu, 19. "I
guess things got a little out of hand."

 But Dean Shiuro Tatsuno refuses to budge on his decision to expel the
students. "We realize that our medical students are under pressure,"
said Dean Tatsuno.  "But we expect our future doctors and nurses to
conduct themselves like ladies and gentlemen at all times."

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