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Spring courses at Our Lady of Greate Misery


I100  Creative Suffering
I101  Overcoming Peace of Mind
I102  You and Your Birthmarks
I103  Guilt Without Sex
I104  The Primal Shrug
I105  Ego Gratification Through Violence
I106  Molding Your Child's Behavior Through Guilt and Fear
I107  Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
I108  Whine Your Way to Alienation
I109  How to Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretense and Ostentation

Business and Career

BC1   "How I Made $100 in Real Estate"
BC2   Money Can Make You Rich
BC3   Packaging and Selling Your Child
BC4   Career Opportunities in El Salvador
BC5   How to Profit From Your Own Body
BC6   The Underachiever's Guide to Very Small Business Opportunities
BC7   Tax Shelters for the Indigent
BC8   Looters Guide to American Cities
BC9   Mortgage Reduction Through Arson


C101  Self-Actualization Through Macrame
C102  Needlecraft for Junkies
C103  Cuticle Crafts
C104  Gifts for the Senile
C105  Bonsai Your Pet
C106  How to Draw Genitalia

Home Economics

EC403 How to Convert Your Kirby Vacuum to a Fully Automatic Rifle
EC404 How to Convert Your Family Room to a Garage
EC405 Burglarproof Your Home With Cement
EC406 Sinus Drainage at Home
EC407 Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
EC408 1001 Uses for Your Vacuum
EC409 Repair and Maintenance of Your Virginity
EC410 How to Convert a Wheelchair into a Dune Buggy
EC411 Christianity and the Art of R.V. Maintenance
EC412 Cat Hair Macrame
EC413 What to do With Your Conversation Piece


H202  Creative Tooth Decay
H203  Exorcism and Acne
H204  The Joys of Hypochondria
H205  High Fiber Sex
H206  Suicide and Your Health
H207  Biofeedback and How to Stop
H208  Skate Yourself to Regularity
H209  Understanding Nudity
H301  Anaerobic Algebra for Sport or Pleasure
H401  Tap Dance Your Way to Social Ridicule
H402  Optional Body Functions
H403  Dressing Right/Dressing Left:  How it Can Change Your Life
H404  The Braille System of the Female Anatomy

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