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Hand over the money

from THIS is TRUE for 19 May 1996     Copyright 1996 by Randy Cassingham
HAND OVER THE MONEY: Thomas W. Passmore, 32, was working on a
  construction project in Norfolk, Va., when he noticed a mark on his
  hand. It looked like "666" to him. He remembered his bible: "If thy
  right hand offend thee, cut it off." Passmore picked up his circular
  saw and complied. Taken to a nearby hospital, he refused to give
  consent to surgery, saying he would go to hell if they reattached his
  hand. Hospital officials, unsure what to do, consulted a judge, who
  told the hospital to follow their patient's wishes. Now, Passmore is
  suing the hospital for $3.35 million, saying they should have
  overruled his orders and forced him to have the surgery. He said the
  hospital is liable because he told them he had a history of mental
  problems, and had not slept much recently. (AP) ...And if they had
  sewn it back on, he'd be suing for $3.35 million for religious
  persecution. Nice scam.
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