Generating Java classes to parse XML

We want a system that will take a DTD and generate a Java class. This
class would hide all the DOM/SAX details. The user would say something
simple like getName() and you'd get the content of the element.

Patrick Carey pointed us to Breeze XML Studio
after the CTIA show. Proprietary, but looks pretty good. I hear it has
a nice GUI too, something that we probably would not be able to
implement here at TCS.

Sun has a proposed spec, XML Data Binding Specification (JSR 031),
also known as Adelard, that seeks accomplish the same thing. This JSR
is very early in it's life cycle. There's a good little white paper (pdf)about the general problem of data binding XML and Java.

BreezeFactor, the company that make Breeze XML Studio, has a FAQ on the relationship between their product and Adelard.