Fall color in the San Juan mountains of Colorado

We hit the peak of fall color on our drive through southwest Colorado's San Juan mountains.  These pics are from Oct 4, on the drive from Durango to Ouray, with most of the pictures between Silverton and Ouray.  The challenge was not finding a good picture, rather choosing from lots of good pictures to find a great picture — no matter where you looked there was tons of color.  The other difficulty was the lighting, due to mostly cloudy conditions, so I had to work hard on the exposure.  I highly recommend this drive in Colorado, and wish we had more time.  Maybe next fall we'll take a trip just for the color, and stay overnight in the town of Ouray.


"Balcony House", Mesa Verde NP

We toured Balcony House on our Oct 3 visit to Mesa Verde National Park.

"Delicate Arch", Utah

Pics from our Oct 2 hike to "Delicate Arch", in Arches National Park, Utah.  It's a 3 mile hike to the arch.

Tombstone Rock, Moab

Pics from a camping trip to Tombstone Rock, in Moab, UT.

A clever (but slow) way to "see" wifi signals.

This project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs.

A four-metre long measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals cross-sections through WiFi networks using a photographic technique called light-painting.

Server issues

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