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  1. hello
    I am getting an advert pasted over your page. I think it is a hack. Here is the copy of view source:


    var param="350|250|9|2|1|3|0";
    var base_url="";
    var stat_path="|10488359|1146|1079|0|0";
    try{var obj=new EmbedShow();}catch(e){location.reload(true);}

    window.setInterval('window.status=location.href', 200);

    this line pops in a link to an off site page:

    I don't think you intended that. Maybe you do.
    But is sucks.

  2. OK WordPress won't allow the html I guess.
    Here is the line:
    src='http://welcome.gd.vnet.cn/ztts/pushemail/0908.html?p=1253576280|10488359|1146|1079|0|0&param=ABioyajZGekprCjIXHxsjPyM3Gyr/OyczRmJvZj5CTlpyGlpvCzs7LydmKjJqNkZ6Sms3C2ZyWi4aWm8LP2YyQio2cmoqNkw==' frameborder='0'

  3. Hmmm… I don't see an overlay ad. I tried in both Firefox and IE. Also looked at the source, and don't see any malicious scripts. I'm running the latest WordPress, so if it's a hack it's a brand new one. If you're seeing it on every page, can you save the complete view-source of a couple of pages and email me? I'm jeff@netjeff.com. Please put the word "maps" (spam backwards) in the subject line to get past my spam filter.

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