RV electrical

This is a summary diagram I created to help people new to RV's better understand the electrical systems in an RV.  The direction of the arrows shows the flow of power.  This diagram might not exactly match your specific RV, but the overall idea is applicable.  Also, this does not show all the details. The usual disclaimer applies, that  before working on your RV electrical systems you should get actual training, and consult the detailed diagrams for your specific RV.

If would like to print this, here it is as a Powerpoint slide.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am installing an inverter/charger. How would that change this diagram? Would I just cut out the built-in converter/charger?

  2. Louis: An inverter takes in 12 Vdc and sends out 110 Vac, as shown in the picture. The converter/charger is the opposite, it takes in 110 Vac and sends out 12 Vdc, as shown in the picture. You wrote the you are installing an "inverter/charger". There is no such thing. :-) Are you installing an inverter, or a converter/charger?

  3. The water heater "brains" are 12 Vdc (blue). The actual heating of water is either propane (orange), or the heating can also be 110 Vac (purple).

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