Cory Doctorow on why new media will succeed

As the old media companies try to resist the tidal wave of new media, they should pay attention to the following statement made by Cory Doctorow in his June 2004 Microsoft DRM talk:

New media don't succeed because they're like the old media, only better: they succeed because they're worse than the old media at the stuff the old media is good at, and better at the stuff the old media are bad at.

This parallels some of the ideas in Clayton Christian's excellent book, The Innovators Dillema.

Nuttin But Stringz

Heard these guys on the Tonight Show.  From their website:

When you first spy the New York duo's
streetwise style, you may expect them to start rapping, but then you
hear their violins, and an entirely profound and altogether surprising
sound awakens from their souls. Dubbed N.B.S or Nuttin But Stringz, the
talented young musicians play an intense blending of classical music,
jazz, r&b, and yes, hip hop.

They've got a 30-second audio clip available.