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An amazing quiz
Ancient indian wisdom
Assorted Star Trek jokes
Christmas folklore
Cigarette condom
Consultant's dilemma
Consulting joke
Corporate Boat Race
A couple of blonde jokes
The difference between Mick Jagger and a Scottsman
Drunk priest on a pulpit
An engineers solution
Fart Jokes
Fire at the soabox derby
The Flight Instructor
Fragile mystic
French religion
Getting even with the cabbie
Golf buddies
Hard of Hearing
Home economics, or Politics make strange bedfellows
Honk If You Love Jesus
How the rich stay rich
How to Make $75 Grand
How to ride the train for free
Huns, nuns, and baseball
The husband's snails
I'd give anything
The Indian and The Ventriloquist
Insider trading
John Glenn secret
Just won the lottery
The KGB has its uses
Knitting In Church
Letter from college student to her parents
The lucky frog
The Mailman's Last Day
Mathematician jokes
Mink coat
Mission to Mars
Objects in Mir
OJ's internet address
The old man from Minsk
One hell of a headache
A particularly bad way to die
The Perfect Couple
Problems with a bank teller
Proxy fathers
Psychic humor
Psychologically embarassing
Regulations for hunting attorneys
Second opinion
The Seven Dwarfs and a Nun
Story about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody
Taking up a collection for OJ
Team leadership
There's a fly in my Guinness
Those Dallas Cowboys
The VooDoo Dick
What not to name your dog
Who Created Chaos
Who is God?
Why ask why?
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