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Prank on eBay

[ From Netsurfer Digest ]

Best Prank of the Year (1998)

This item had us thoroughly tickled. The online auction company eBay,
whose stock has been doing loop-de-loops lately, won the coveted
Coolest Shopping Site of the Year award. But eBay was apparently too
cool to actually be present and accept the award at the ceremony in
New York. Enter zine writer Todd Levin, who despite his mental fog
noticed the award appearance faux pas and leapt on stage to accept
the ten inches of hard lucite: "I just acted astonished and started
swearing my head off," Todd said. It gets better.  Last Monday, Todd
put the award up for auction on the hapless eBay site itself for an
insulting $1.59. Last we heard, the bids were up to an eye-popping
$5000. Why isn't this man working for Netsurfer? 

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