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Nicknames and euphemisms for breasts

\  "The (COMPLETE) Tit File" - a guide of 'breast talk'                      \
\   RP/PB magazine, March 1986, CREDIT(s): Parker Bennett & Tom Mannis       \
Quite simply, this file comprises an extensive, but by no means exhaustive
'tribute' to the names, nicknames, and euphemisms that have come to character-
ize chest-fever (as they say) . . .
Angel Cakes        Double-Whammies      Loaves              PT Boats
Apples             Dueling Banjos       Loblollies          Pumpkins
Balboas            Dugs                 Love Melons         Rangoons
Balloons           Dumplings            Love Muffins        Rib Balloons
Bangers            Dunes                Lulus               Rib Cushions
Bangles            Ear Muffs            Macaroons           Rivets
Bassoons           Eclairs              Mambos              Roundies
Baubles            Eggplants            Mammaries           Sandbags
Bazongas           Enchiladas           Mammies             Satellites
Bazookas           Flapjacks            Mams                Scones
Bazooms            Flappers             Mangos              Scoops
Beacons            Flesh Bulbs          Marangos            Set
Beanbags           Flesh Melons         Maraschinos         Shakers
Bebops             Floaters             Marimbas            Shebas
Betty Boops        Floats               Mau Maus            Shimmies
Big Boppers        Fog Lights           Mausers             Silos
Bikini Stuffers    Fried Eggs           Meatballs           Skin Sacks
Billibongs         Fun Bags             Meat Loaves         Skooners
Blinkers           Gagas                Melons              Smoothies
Bombers            Garbos               Milk Cans           Snuggle Pups
Bombshells         Gazingas             Milk Fountains      Spark Plugs
Bonbons            Gazongas             Milk Shakes         Specials
Bongos             Glands               Molehills           Spheres
Bonkers            Globelets            Mommas              Spongecakes
Boobers            Globes               Mondos              Spuds
Boobies            Gob Stoppers         Montezumas          Stacks
Boobs              Gongas               Moo Moos            Stuffing
Boops              Goombas              Mother Lodes        Sugarplums
Bops               Grapefruits          Mounds              Sweater Meat
Bosom              Grillwork            Mountain Peaks      Sweater Puffs
Boulders           Guavas               Muchachas           Sweet Rolls
Bouncers           Gum Drops            Muffins             Tahitis
Bra Buddies        Handsets             Mulligans           Tamales
Bra Stuffers       Hand Warmers         Mushmelons          Tartugas
Bronskis           Headers              Nancies             Tatas
Bubbas             Headlamps            Nectarines          Tattlers
Bubbies            Headlights           Niblets             Teats
Buds               Headphones           Nibs                Tetons
Bulbs              Headsets             Nippeloons          Thangs
Bulges             Hefties              Nippelos            Thingamajigs
Bullets            Heifers              Nippers             Tidbits
Bumpers            Hemispheres          Nippies             Titbits
Bumps              Hills                Nips                Tits
Bust               Hindenburgs          Nodes               Titskis
Busters            Honeydews            Nodules             Titters
Busties            Honkers              Noogies             Titties
Butterballs        Hood Ornaments       Nose Cones          Tomatoes
Buttons            Hoohas               Oompas              Tooters
Caboodles          Hooters              Orbs                Torpedoes
Cannon Balls       Hot Cakes            Ottomans            Tortillas
Cantaloups         Hottentots           Padding             Totos
Carumbas           Howitzers            Pagodas             Twangers
Casabas            Hubcaps              Pair                Tweakers
Cha-Chas           Huffies              Palookas            Tweeters
Charlies           Humdingers           Papayas             Twin Peaks
Chihuahuas         Hush Puppies         Parabolas           Twofers
Chimichongas       ICBM's               Pastries            Tympanies
Chiquitas          Jawbreakers          Paw Patties         U-Boats
Coconuts           Jemimas              Peaches             Umlauts
Congas             Jibs                 Peakers             Wahwahs
Corkers            Jobbers              Peaks               Waldos
Creamers           Jugs                 Pears               Warheads
Cream Pies         Jukes                Pects               Water-Melons
Cuhuangas          Jumbos               Peepers             Whoppers
Cupcakes           Kabukis              Pillows             Wind-Jammers
Curves             Kalamazoos           Pips                Wobblers
Dingers            Kazongas             Plums               WOngas
Dinghies           Kazoos               Pointer-Sisters     Woofers
Dingos             Knobbers             Points              Yabbos
Dirigibles         Knockers             Pokers              Yams
Domes              Kongas               Polygons            Yayas
Doodads            Kumquats             Pompons             Zeppelins
Doozers            Lactoids             Pontoons            Zingers
Doozies            Lip Fodder           Potatoes
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